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The main function:
Dr.Rhino Intercourse Pill is made of the most powerful herbs in the world. All of these herbs contained in can help the users to get erection powerfully. Dr.Rhino 5000 Platinum Tablets can stimulate sex desire and help the users to get ejaculation faster. Dr.Rhino can also help the users to increase the penis size both in width and length. It can help the users to get sexual satisified. On one hand, may promote hormone volume inside body system, and on the other hand, it can help the users to get firm erection in a longer time. In conclusion, The main function of the product is to make the users obtain more erection strength and help most guys to keep a bigger and harder erection during sexual intercourse.
What is the main features for the Dr.Rhino 5000 Platinum:
Firstly: Sepcial ingredients: Dr.Rhino 5000 Platinum is made of ginseng, marine mount, marine reptile, starfish and also Chinese caterpillar fungus.
Secondly: Dr.Rhino 5000mg Male Enhancement is suitable for men who has Erectile dysfunction problems.
Thirdly: Dr.Rhino Supplements will be effective within an hour. There has been no complain about the side effects since now.
penis cervi, TESTIS ET Male organ BOVIS SEU BUBALI, Hippocampus japonicus, Hydrophis cyanocinctus, ginseng, starfish, and so on.
[Suitable Crowd]:
1. Thoes who has bad sexual experience. Thoes who has early ejaculation probelms, and can not get hard erection as long as the parnter to get climax.
2. Individuals with dropped sexual desire, and also get erection slow;
3. People who have erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, poor ejaculate, and other erection problems caused by weak renal system.
[Specification]: 5000mg/ capsule
[Usage and dosage]:
Take 1 capsule per time orally, 20 mins before sex intercourse.
unable to take together with other remedies;
Drink more warm water when experience long time erection without ejaculation;
Don't take it twice within 24 hours.
[Storage]: in a dry and cool place.
[Shelf Time]: 3 years


Try these steps if you cannot see any effects in 1 hour after taking the Magna Rx

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  1. Taken this several times and works every time. Will continue to use this product.