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Sex Enhancer Butter Fly Lady
enhance sex power

Female aphrodisiac oral solution:
Containing over 20 rare herbs from the virgin forest,
the product is an essence developed using American RH skin-penetrating and absorbability-enhancing
technology after years of research by a number of domestic and overseas researchers.
It is nontoxic and has no side effect.
The product can boost the generation of vaginal wall cells,
shrink vagina quickly and strongly,

[Butter fly lady effect]
increase tonicity of vagina,make vagina tender and sensitive,
improve the symptoms of loose vagina,
simulate sexual desire
restore a virgin-like narrow vagina in 10mimtes without back bounce.

It has remarkable adjustive and assistant curative effects on female sexlessness,
sexual desire letdown, sour in waist and knee, multi-embryo delivery,
abortion and sexual dysfunction of middle-and old-age people.

[Main ingredients]  imported Spanish materials (OPS), lily and rose extracts
[Applicable range]  applicable for adult females
[Direction]  put half bottle of the product into beverage, liquor or tea 5 to 10 minutes before sexual intercourse

1. Forbidden to use the product to trap girls
2. Don't use it twice within 24 hours
3. Only for legal couples
4. Forbidden to be used by pregnant woman and people with cardiovascular diseases

[Packing] 10ml/bottle

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