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Sex pills 8 times in 1 night Libido pills
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Sex pills 8 times in 1 night sex product (YI YE BA CI LANG sex pills)

All herbal Chinese sex pills
Specially for MAN health
Prolong sex time
More sexual pleasure for YOU & YOUR PARTNER
This medicine is absorbed through the lymphatic system, not by the liver, so without any influence to the liver function.
Sex pills 8 times in 1 night sex product can be used for the treatment of neurasthenic and psychic functional impotence,
prospermia and prostatitis as well as the secondary impotence caused by diabetes and other diseases.
[Usage and dosage] take one pill orally, 20minutes before the sexual intercourse.
1. the young should be given cautiously.
2. Taking ONLY 1 capsule in 24hours.
3. If you got many times of erections or with long time erection but cannot ejaculate during sexual intercourse,
you can release it from drinking cold water.
[Specification] 4600mg*4pills*20boxes
[Storage] sealed, placed in cool and dry place.

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  1. Gotta give it a try for yourself. Doubt it you will be disappointed. it got me in the mood after a long tiring day at work.