Bodajingsheng male enhancement pills contains active ingredients that directly be absorbed by penis to promote the production of testosterone and semen. Thus, make male penis larger, longer and harder. In addition, Bodajingsheng also can supplement kidney function, strengthen yang and regulate energy. Regular use will help men stronger and more confidence.

1. tonify the kidneys;
2. strengthen male yang;
3. regulate vital energy;
4. supplement more sperm.

Usage and dosage: orally take one tablet half an hour before the intercourse.

Specification: 600mg * 2tables/box.

Ingredients: Deer penis, OX, penis, sea shellish Gecko, Ginseng Longan, Ganderma Lucidum, Herba Cynomorii, cordyceps, etc.

1. Suffering from hypertension, heart disease, or those under the age are forbidden to take.
2. Do not take hypertension drug while taking this product.
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