Dragon Capsules For Men Enhancement - herbal formula males Chinese treatments, Dragon Capsules For Men Enhancement is surely an authorized product uniquely formulated for male impotence, lovemaking some weakness, premature ejaculation, low energy and many others.

Perfect remedy for males! Dragon Capsules For Men features a particular impact on the heart, kidney, body, erotic bodily organs, aging process along with the body funciton.

Dragon Capsules For Men Enhancement makes certain proper operating of the cardiovascular, correct working in the kidneys, appropriate circulation of blood, bolster the particular sex Organs along with other entire body functions to present an improved sex life.

Benefits of Dragon Pill: - may possibly enhance sexual drive - can help using hard-on high quality - might health supplement kidney function - might increase sexual pleasue - may lengthen sex time

Dosage: It really is suggested to take one capsule 2 hours prior to intercourse. Dragon Capsules For Men Enhancement can also be taken as a foods health supplement. Get one particular pill each 72 hours right after foods. Exactly the same dose applies to diabetes patients.

Standards: 6 capsules/pack

Caution: Certainly not to be used by female and children

Storage space: Preserve it in cool and dry places.

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  1. I have tried a large number of male supplements, and I currently own quite a few of them as well. Horny goat weed has always worked well for me both in terms of stamina and libido, but it does not work like sildenafil (the chemical name for Viagra). You don't take a horny goat weed pill an hour before "physical activity" and count on it to give you enhanced rigidity and performance on the spot. The two supplements I am familiar with that actually do that - on the spot performance - are yohimbe and cnidium. Unfortunately both of these herbs also give me the jitters, They make me feel like my heart is going to jump out of my throat. That is why I don't take supplements that contain these two herbs. But then, I have been curious enough about them that I always find myself trying a formulation of these two herbs now and then. That led me to this Dragon Capsules.

    It has a negligible amount of horny goat weed, and an adequate amount of cnidium. Not enough to give me the all out shakes, but only enough to give me an uneasy feeling for a short duration, like about 20 minutes. After that it goes away. It does provide a libido boost on the spot. But remember that even a substance as extensively formulated and tested as sildenafil still has its side effects. Other than cnidium, the other two ingredients agmatine sulfate and xanthoparmelia scarb are also well known erectile boosters and also reputed to have other benefits for the body. However, there is not yet a lot of research or information out there about these two substances, so you can't be sure if they also have negative side effects, or even toxicity to the body if used regularly or in large amount.