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Zhonghua niubian herbal medicine males sex item, which can quickly improve male organ grow to be longer, harder and wider, efficiently fix the situation of short time sex, as well as prolong sex period, avoid rapid ejaculation.

Zhonghua niubian can stay within our body for 120 hours, and do not result in any side-effect or dependence, patiens with heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes could also take it. Zhonghua niubian has wonderful effect to male prostate.

Effects: Make your penis bigger in width and length. More powerful and stronger hard-ons. More powerful orgasms Greater sex endurance.

Natural and safe penis enlargement. Males after taking this capsule will be frequent erection with powerful and very long time duration. Certainly boost the lovemaking time no less than 75 mins! Long-term using can easily tonify Yang and prmote male organ regrow.

Components:Saffron, Cordyceps sinensis, compacted snow lotus, cow testicle, yellow-colored fluff, deer antler, ginseng, Schisandra, medlar, rabbit cable kid, Epimedium, Cistanche, longan, and so forth.

Appropriate groupings: Male with impotence problmes, premature ejaculation, sexual coldness and sexual function disorder.

Specification: 6 Tablets/box

Storage: In the room temp, darker spot. Keep out of childrens reach!

Usage and dosage: take orally one pill each time 30 minute just before sexual activity.

1. dont take other western medicien within 24 hours after taking this medicine.
2. minor person are not allowed to take this product.
3. drink cold water if you suffer too strong libido.

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    Good product with no weird effect or things